Backup for companies

Whether you run an enterprise or a smaller company you need secure, fast and simple backup that secures your business. has the solution that allows you to easily run backups on any of your servers or databases - regardless of operating system or size.

You choose whether you want some folder or directories or a complete server which you can restore from scratch if disaster strikes.
In addition you also get an interface where you can administer your whole company's backup needs.

  • Easy with out need of heavy administration. All of your backup in one simple interface.
  • Cost effective - Prices starting at 1 SEK per GB
  • Secure backup - encrypted up to 448 bit
  • Performance - quickly allows you to restore servers and data.
  • Choose between image backup or regular data backup. Image backup restores a complete machine quickly. You control completely what you want and pay only for what you use.
  • Support for different products such as MySQL, MSSQL, Exchange and Sharepoint - As simple as A, B, C

  • A- Download the software for the server you want to backup (an agent that is installed on the server or desktop you want to backup)
  • B- Enter ID number
  • C- Enter how often you want the backups to run and click start

Below picture shows you the structure of how your backup works when using

Strukturen för flöde och hårdvara för online backup.

Here are a sample selection of operating systems and applications supported.
You are running backup on your first server in minutes.

  • Windows
    Windows 7/ Vista / XP / 2000
    Windows server 2008/2003/2000
    Windows SBS 2008/2003
    Windows EBS 2008
  • Red Hat based OS
    Red Hat 8.0 and later
    Red Hat Enterprise
    Fedora Core 3 and later
    CentOS 4.2 and later
    SuSE 9.x and later
  • Debian
    Debian 4 and later
    Gentoo 5.10 and later
    Ubuntu 5.10 and later
  • FreeBSD
    FreeBSD 6.1 and later
  • Mandrake
    Mandrake 10.0 and later
  • MAC OS X (Intel)
    10.5.x (Leopard)
    10.6.x (Snow leopard)
  • MAC OS X (Power PC)
    10.3.x (Panther)
    10.4.x (Tiger)
  • Solaris
    Solaris 10 (Intel)

Databases and applications

  • MySQL
  • Sharepoint
  • Exchange