• promo image Fast, simple and cost effective! Backup and disaster recovery as it was intended.
  • promo image Supports all common operating system, databases and applications.
  • promo image Cost efficient - from 15 US cents per GB. A fraction of what you are used to paying for quality backup and disaster recovery.
  • promo image Your backup is secure - Up to 448 bit encryption


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Online backup for companies!

Via our easy to use interface you control all types of servers like various flavours of Linux and Windows.

We also support lots of applications as well as data bases like Exchange, Sharepoint, MS SQL and MySQL.

When required you always have access to fast reliable restoring of your data.
Online backup for enterprise!
Secure your business by always having secured data!

Backup and disaster recovery locally and online (in two different or more locations) guarantees quick restore of data when necessary.

Vi support your most critical applications and secure your business.
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Backup to trust!
With onlinebackup.io you can always feel safe about your data being secured. Choose how many copies you would like to stare and what level of encryption you want to use.

When you need us we are here and you can always restore your latest version. Our consultants and experts are also available for advice and active help when needed.